Weed Warriors: Meet Six Women Shaping the Cannabis Industry

From creating edibles to crafting policy, these women are influencing the way marijuana industry is rolling out in America

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Johanna Mortz
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Johanna Mortz

In a grow culture notorious for its irresponsible cultivation practices – harmful chemicals, water waste and soil degradation – Johanna Mortz is pioneering a more ethical way to farm. As the co-founder of PolyKulture Cannyard, she oversees an operation of just 40 marijuana plants using only regenerative farming practices, employing "living soil" – dirt full of nutrient-excreting microorganisms – and companion planting to naturally fend off destructive pests. "Not all cannabis is created equal," she says. "People should ask questions about where their cannabis comes from – it's not all coming from a farm like mine."

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