The Kardashians' 25 Best On-Screen Jobs

Modeling, crime solving, spying, art appraising, alligator hunting and more

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Khloe Is a Forensic Psychologist

22. Khloe Is a Forensic Psychologist

KAKTM Season 2, Episode 3

"Honestly, I live with a sociopath now and I'm fine," Khloé tells her producer on Khloé After Dark when he expresses concern over her request to interview a serial killer on the show. He can't organize that, but the next best thing is an interview with forensic psychologist Dr. Helen Morrison.

Producer: "Have you ever heard of John Wayne Gacy?"

Khloé: "No."

Producer: "He killed 33 young men and [Dr. Morrison] actually now has his brain."

Khloé: "Ew."

Khloé is sent to Chicago to interview the serial killer expert and brings Kourtney and baby Mason along, while Scott harasses their Dash employees at a club opening back in Miami. After a brief conversation with Morrison, Khloé is convinced Scott is a sociopath who's chosen his vulnerable target in Kourtney. When they get home, Khloé begins baiting him with questions like, "Did you kill any pets as a kid?"

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