The Hot List 2017: The People and Trends We're Talking About the Most

From Cardi B to future A-list actors to the thinkers and creators who could save the world, here's who and what made Rolling Stone's annual list

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Hot TV Revival: Literally Everything
Illustration by John Ritter26/27

Hot TV Revival: Literally Everything

Today's rerun is the reboot. With 500-plus original scripted series scattered across a chaotic landscape of channels and streaming services, television producers have learned the wrong lessons from the film industry and are running for the safety of established franchises. New versions of old shows either on-air or in development include Will & Grace, American Idol, S.W.A.T., Dynasty, Miami Vice, TRL, MacGyver, The Munsters, Full House, Star Trek, Duck Tales, Charmed, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, The Jetsons, The Gong Show, Love Connection and Fear Factor. Sure, Twin Peaks was bracingly weird, and no, a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch set in the next town over from Riverdale isn't exactly going to hurt anyone. But at some point, we have to ask: What groundbreaking original work might we be missing out on because a generation's best storytellers are essentially becoming cover bands? Not all nostalgia is harmless, as the phrase "Make America Great Again" demonstrates. Sometimes, to make room for something better, you've got to throw out the trash. L.H.

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