The Hot List 2017: The People and Trends We're Talking About the Most

From Cardi B to future A-list actors to the thinkers and creators who could save the world, here's who and what made Rolling Stone's annual list

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Hot Digital Shaman: Wavepaths App
Illustration by Goñi Montes24/27

Hot Digital Shaman: Wavepaths App

Last year, Brian Eno was working on computer-generated music – what he calls "self-evolving compositions" – when he was approached by Mendel Kaelen, a neuroscientist and LSD researcher. Kaelen suggested a novel use for Eno's tech: an app to help guide people through therapeutic psychedelic trips. The result is Wavepaths (still in development), which auto-generates soothing, individualized soundtracks for LSD-aided therapy. (Eno, a self-described acid "non-experimenter," made sure the music would also be satisfying if you weren't high.) "Generative music doesn't try to grab your attention," says Eno. "The surprises are in what happens to the listener." Z.C.

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