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Hot Anti-Bannon: Sleeping Giants
Mark Peterson/Redux22/27

Hot Anti-Bannon: Sleeping Giants

When Donald Trump named Steve Bannon his chief strategist last November, the backlash was immediate, overwhelming and – since the position didn't require Senate confirmation – totally useless. But a mysterious organization soon materialized on Twitter offering some hope: a way to take on Breitbart News, the right-wing site Bannon led. Sleeping Giants' instructions were simple: "1) look on Breitbart & take a screenshot of an ad; 2) tweet it to the advertiser with a polite note; 3) tag @slpng_giants." Confronted publicly, those companies had to admit their brands were subsidizing stories about the evils of feminism and the glorious heritage of the Confederate flag. Sleeping Giants conceals its operators' identities, though it admits some have day jobs in marketing. Thanks to the company's campaign, 3,318 advertisers have blacklisted Breitbart, and revenue per click has plummeted by half. "We don't think bigotry should be profitable," says a spokesman. T.S.

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