The 50 Funniest People Now

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Rob Delaney
George Pimentel/WireImage27/50

27. Rob Delaney

How much wit and wisdom,and toilet humor, and nasty sex, and Mitt Romney-baiting,can you cram into 140 characters? A whole lot, if you're Rob Delaney, the L.A.-based stand-up who has staked claim to the mantle World's Funniest Tweeter. More than anyone else, Delaney has made Twitter a forum for comedy, filling his feed with a non-stop flow of horndoggery ("NO FATTIES* *may pass thru my fuck palace without getting a loving scrubdown from my strong hands"), Dadaist riffs ("I don't know why other men have nipples, but I have mine for 'nursing' my family of rats under the Santa Monica pier"), and, occasionally, rock criticism ("'Don't call me daughter' 'Roger that; we'll just keep calling you 'Eddie Vedder, Master Lyricist.'"). #Follow.

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