The 50 Funniest People Now

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Paul F. Tompkins
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40. Paul F. Tompkins

The dapper, mustachioed Tompkins first surfaced as a regular player on Mr. Show in the Nineties, and went on to become something of a comedic jack-of-all-trades. His impression of Gary Marshall and Werner Herzog on Earwolf's Comedy Bang Bang podcast will replace their actual voices in your head, and his own Pod F. Tompkast highlights his whimsical, lightning-fast wit. But it's his tongue-in-check observational stand-up that most earns him the respect of his die-hard fans. "I do not understand why people write letters to magazines," goes a typical quip. "It accomplishes nothing; it's pointless. If you want to see your name in print that bad, write on a piece of paper and look at it: 'Ah, there it is. Just as I always dreamed.'"

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