The 50 Funniest People Now

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Melissa McCarthy
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45. Melissa McCarthy

Despite McCarthy's starring role in CBS' Mike & Molly and her much-loved role as Sookie St. James in Gilmore Girls, it wasn't until she played butch, hyper-confident Megan in Bridesmaids that she became a bonafide star. (You will never be able to un-see that diarrhea scene, but it was uproariously funny enough that you probably don't mind.) After snagging an Emmy for Mike & Molly and an Oscar nom for Bridesmaids, McCarthy and her outsize persona return to the big screen with a cavalcade of exciting weirdos in 2013: a Floridian internet thief across from Jason Bateman in Identity Theft, a wind-blown Boston cop paired with Sandra Bullock in April's The Heat and a put-upon daughter driving cross-country with her churlish grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) in Tammy. Oh, and she'll appear in The Hangover III this May. This woman has talent flowing out of her like lava!

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