The 30 Best '30 for 30' Films

As ESPN's groundbreaking series celebrates its fifth anniversary, we pick our favorite films: tales of triumph, tragedy and (of course) 'The U'

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4. 'Elway to Marino' (Dir. Ken Rodgers and NFL Films)

One of the simplest 30 for 30 episodes is also one of the most thoroughly absorbing. The 1983 NFL Draft saw six quarterbacks taken in the first round, four of whom – John Elway, Dan Marino, Jim Kelly and Tony Eason – would go on to lead their teams to the Super Bowl. Elway to Marino goes through that draft pick-by-pick, talking to the players and the decision-makers, and digging into the various controversies and strategies that governed the outcome. Not even the savviest scouts can predict who's going to be an enduring star and who's going to be a washout. Elway to Marino brings back the tension and hope of that moment when a few NFL teams made choices that would determine their fates for the next decade.

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