The 15 Most Burt Reynolds Items in the Burt Reynolds Auction

Personalized stagecoaches, a Pontiac and pleny of paintings – it's all up for bid, and it's all uniquely Burt

Lot 77: 'Nighthawks,' After Edward Hopper

Lot 77: 'Nighthawks,' After Edward Hopper

I don't know if Burt is really selling his stuff out of financial desperation, or if he's just chosen to have a little more fun with the character he's become by holding the world's most fabulously weird garage sale.

In 2011, he faced foreclosure on his home in Florida, but he insists he is not broke this time, that he is selling these items because he no longer has the room for them or the need for them. "Quite frankly," he told Entertainment Tonight, "I am sick of so many pictures of myself in my own home." And it's true – there is plenty of Burt art in this auction (including this five-faced monster from 1982), along with some peculiar captures of Floridian banality, but for some reason, it's this otherwise unremarkable reproduction of Hopper's paean to urban isolation that stands out to me. Burt is teaching acting in Florida now, larded with stories from his past. And what a hell of past it was.

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