The 15 Most Burt Reynolds Items in the Burt Reynolds Auction

Personalized stagecoaches, a Pontiac and pleny of paintings – it's all up for bid, and it's all uniquely Burt

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Lot 612: Burt Reynolds' Golden Globe Award, 1998

Lot 612: Burt Reynolds' Golden Globe Award, 1998

The reason Burt worked so well as Jack Horner, the porn patriarch in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights, is because it captured the essence of the old Burt, the one who clowned around with DeLuise and the gang in Cannonball Run.

It was the old Burt in a new universe, an alternate universe, lovable and caring and flawed and regretful, and he fit beautifully into Anderson's batshit sphere as a father figure in search of love and acceptance. As Horner, he lugged all the baggage we knew Burt carried, given the very public arc of his career. Any other actor might have parlayed the Golden Globe and the Oscar nominations into at least a brief comeback, but Reynolds fought with Anderson and fired his agent and made a series of forgettable films afterward. By 2001, he was back on the Razzie lists for his performance in the Renny Harlin/Stallone vehicle Driven. And he was broke.

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