The 15 Most Burt Reynolds Items in the Burt Reynolds Auction

Personalized stagecoaches, a Pontiac and pleny of paintings – it's all up for bid, and it's all uniquely Burt

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Lot 444: Autographed Photo of Dom DeLuise

Lot 444: Autographed Photo of Dom DeLuise

I'm pretty sure the first Burt Reynolds movie I watched was The Cannonball Run with DeLuise and Reynolds, and I'm pretty sure I caught it surreptitiously on HBO during a sleepover at my neighbor Scott's house, because this was where I became acquainted with most of the avatars of Seventies cool.

I was far too young to be watching Burt Reynolds movies – even a PG-rated trifle like Cannonball featured recurring shots of a busty Adrienne Barbeau in a jumpsuit – but that didn't stop me, because the allure of watching Burt Reynolds movies at a formative age is that they skewed our notions of adulthood. It was the Seventies, and Burt played it loose and free, and his movies made me think every adult in our neighborhood was having a wild time behind our backs. And in case of Dom and Burt ("I love you like a brother and its [sic] fun lookin' like you too," is how DeLuise signed the photo above,) I get the feeling it was true.