The 15 Most Burt Reynolds Items in the Burt Reynolds Auction

Personalized stagecoaches, a Pontiac and pleny of paintings – it's all up for bid, and it's all uniquely Burt

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Lot 348: People's Choice Award (Facsimile)

Lot 348: People's Choice Award (Facsimile)

This is one of several "replica" People's Choice Awards in Burt's collection. I like to imagine he gambled away some of the originals in a strip-poker game at the Playboy Mansion.

There are People's Choice Awards for virtually every year from 1977 to 1982; in that time, Reynolds kept churning out films that were not exactly critically acclaimed – Roger Ebert called The Cannonball Run "an abdication of artistic responsibility at the lowest possible level of ambition" – but even when they were patently stupid, they were stupid, aspirational fun. "Reynolds is so popular he can make money in almost anything," Ebert wrote in that Cannonball Run review, which is why I imagine Burt probably handed out the other originals of his People's Choice Awards as tips to the Spago valets.

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