The 15 Most Burt Reynolds Items in the Burt Reynolds Auction

Personalized stagecoaches, a Pontiac and pleny of paintings – it's all up for bid, and it's all uniquely Burt

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Lot 257: Burt Reynolds' American Express Card

Lot 257: Burt Reynolds' American Express Card

Reynolds declared bankruptcy in 1996, and the years after brought on a series of financial troubles related in part to his divorce, and in part to lost endorsement deals, bad investments and mismanagement, and in part to the kind of decadent lifestyle that this auction seems almost purposefully designed to reflect.

Burt went to rehab for an addiction to prescription pills; he had heart surgery and back surgery and (perhaps) cosmetic surgery. His romance with Pam Seals ended with Reynolds accusing her of blackmail and Seals accusing him of abuse. His friend Dom DeLuise died. And now he is in this odd position, literally putting his credit card on the block.

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