Readers' Poll: The 10 Best Stephen King Books

Your picks for the horror master's scariest, most suspenseful page-turners, from 'It' to 'The Dead Zone'

'The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass'

10. 'The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass'

Dark Tower mostly takes place in Mid-World, the decayed remains of a once great empire where a Gunslinger named Roland is attempting to reach the distant – titular – Dark Tower. The fourth book in the series was published in 1997, and it focuses largely on Roland's teenage years and his doomed love affair with Susan Delgado. It was the final Dark Tower book written before King's van accident, which inspired him to quickly finish the series by writing the last three books all in a row. To some fans, the final books felt a little rushed and anti-climactic, and they see book four as the best of the series.