In Memoriam 2017: People We Lost This Year

We bid farewell to visionaries, iconoclasts and trailblazers – including Tom Petty, Chuck Berry and Chris Cornell – in music, film, TV and beyond

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Lil Peep
Jonathan Weiner15/46

Lil Peep

Lil Peep (real name Gustav Åhr), the New York rapper who mixed guitar-driven emo and rap production on mixtapes that gained millions of plays on SoundCloud, died November 15th following an overdose of fentanyl and generic Xanax. He was 21.

"Gus understood that many good people suffered injustice because of what they looked like or how much money they had," his mother, Liza Womack, said at his memorial service. "He saw how the cool kids who lived in the fancy neighborhoods looked down on his friends who lived in the projects – and looked down on his own family who lived in an apartment and drove an old Nissan. Gus got fed up with that world. He rejected it." 

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