In Memoriam 2017: People We Lost This Year

We bid farewell to visionaries, iconoclasts and trailblazers – including Tom Petty, Chuck Berry and Chris Cornell – in music, film, TV and beyond

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Butch Trucks
Twiggs Lyndon/Courtesy of the Lyndon family/The Big House Museum26/46

Butch Trucks

Trucks, one of the founding drummers of the Allman Brothers Band, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 24th. He was 69.

"He put 110 percent of himself into every song he played. He was the Lou Gehrig of rock drummers. ...He would play with the utmost intensity till he was about to fall over with no regrets," Allman Brother Band guitarist Warren Haynes said. "His mission in life was to serve the music. And serve the music he did."

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