In Memoriam 2017: People We Lost This Year

We bid farewell to visionaries, iconoclasts and trailblazers – including Tom Petty, Chuck Berry and Chris Cornell – in music, film, TV and beyond

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Adam West
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Adam West

Adam West, known as TV's Batman for his portrayal of DC Comics' masked superhero in the Sixties, died June 9th following a short battle with leukemia. He was 88.

"People always asked Adam if he felt like he'd been typecast, if Batman had hurt his career. But I know he loved it. He loved being a star," West's costar Burt Ward wrote in a remembrance piece for Variety. "After the show became such a hit, he got offered everything. They offered him Bond but he turned it down. He thought Bond should be played by a Brit. I got offered a little movie called The Graduate – 20th Century Fox wouldn't let me do it – but that's another story. We both looked at it this way: You take a glass and you fill it to the top. You can either fill it with a bunch of different movies or fill it with one huge success that makes people around the world love you and want to shake your hand. Adam filled his glass with the adoration of the world."

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