Howard Stern's 10 Most Outrageous Public Appearances

The radio host will induct Bon Jovi into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this weekend. Judging by history, the King of All Media will steal the show

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The Farewell Rally (2005)

When Stern announced he was moving from FM radio to Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004 to escape government regulations, nobody knew if fans were going to pay $12 a month to stay with him. Stern decided to say goodbye to his terrestrial listeners in a big way, inviting thousands to midtown Manhattan on the freezing cold morning of December 16th, 2005, for a huge public rally. "I am erect," he said, looking out at the audience. He went on to reflect on his hard road to becoming the King of All Media – getting fired, suspended and fined millions for obscenity. "But we stood our ground," Stern said, thanking his massive audience for sticking with him. "Clear Channel doesn't have live disc jockeys anymore. I am leaving terrestrial FM radio for a different kind of airwaves so we can once again be free to do this broadcast the way I intend to do it. I will not bow down. I am the last of a dying breed ... there will never be another radio show like this. There will never be another audience like this." 

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