First and Unpronounceable: The Most Amazing Names in NFL Draft History
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After months of media scrutiny, countless combines and a metric ton of Mel Kiper Jr., the 2014 NFL draft begins Thursday night. And over the span of seven rounds and three days, the names of 254 college-football standouts will be called. No more, no less.

From the first-overall pick to the last – the guy who will begrudgingly bear the title of Mr. Irrelevant – it's an exclusive club. And while not every player selected will go on to have an all-pro career, just hearing your name called by the commissioner (or whomever strides to the podium in round seven) is an accomplishment.

Of course, sometimes, reading those names is an equally impressive feat. For every John Smith, there's a Ras-I Dowling waiting in the wings. So to get you ready for the next 96 hours of tongue-twisting action, here are 10 of the most amazing, improbable and unpronounceable names in NFL draft history. By James Montgomery