Chris Rock's 10 Best Stand-Up Routines

We look back at the most hilarious, heated and how-did-he-get-away-with-that bits from the comedian and director of 'Top Five'

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9. Finding $50

While Rock's first special — entitled Big Ass Jokes — trails everything he's done since then, this 1994 show exhibits his burgeoning talent for social analysis couched in jokes that get a crowd worked up. In a bit about friends who unbelievably forget that they owe you money, he also proves himself an adept scene-painter. If you ever found $50, he says, you'd never forget when and where it happened: "Right here, April 14, 1972. It was a cloudy day, about 68 degrees, I had my light blue hat on — I loved that hat…" The vision goes on, concluding with, "I look at the ground, I see 10 dimes, four quarters and a 48 dollar bill!" [This section starts at about 9:30 in this clip.]

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