Chris Rock's 10 Best Stand-Up Routines

We look back at the most hilarious, heated and how-did-he-get-away-with-that bits from the comedian and director of 'Top Five'

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7. Bullet Control

Rock digs into politics as often as he does race and relationships, and this one is an example of an absurd idea that has a logic that seems just twisted enough to work. At the top of his 1999 special Bigger and Blacker, he argues that the nation doesn't need gun control, it needs bullet control. There would be no more innocent bystanders, Rock says, if bullets cost $5000, and then he takes the character of a would-be murderer: "I would blow your fuckin' head off — if I could afford it. I'm gonna get me another job, start saving money, and you're a dead man."

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