Alex Jones' Mis-Infowars: 7 Bat-Sh*t Conspiracy Theories

From "false flag" attacks to man-made hurricanes, a look at the favorite talking points of the "most paranoid man in America"

Satanists are taking over America
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Satanists are taking over America

To Jones, the coming New World Order is a "demonic high-tech tyranny" formed by satanist elites who manufacture economic and health crises, and are using selective breeding to create a supreme race. In November, he claimed that Hillary Clinton was connected to "top occultist Marina Abramovic" because the Yugoslavian performance artist once invited John Podesta, former chairman of Clinton's presidential campaign, to a "spirit cooking" dinner. (Citing every teenage goth's favorite Nineteenth-century occultist, Aleister Crowley, Infowars reported that dinner would include "eating semen, blood and breast milk." In fact, the menu was made up of "traditional soups.") Infowars has also linked the death of late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia to meeting with an Austrian secret society group named the Bohemian Grove, which the site traces back to the Illuminati.

But Jones doesn't believe it's just politicians who are working for the Prince of Darkness. In February, Jones posted videos to his Facebook page to announce that Lady Gaga's Super Bowl Halftime Show would be a cover for a satanic rite. "She wears meat suits and does all these rituals... and the organizers of the Super Bowl are deciding to defile America and break our will by having us bow down to this," Jones said. "They say she's going to stand on top of the stadium, ruling over everyone with drones everywhere, surveilling everyone in a big swarm. To just condition them to say, 'I am the goddess of Satan,' ruling over them with the rise of the robots in a ritual of lesser magic." That's one way to describe what happened at halftime – though most just saw it as a family-friendly call for diversity and acceptance in America.