7 Wildest Transformational Festivals

From Burning Man to Shambhala Gathering

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Lightning in a Bottle
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Lightning in a Bottle

Where: Bradley, California

When: May 25th to May 30th

Why go: Beginning in 2000 as a private birthday party outside of Santa Barbara, Lightning in a Bottle has grown into the second largest transformational festival in the world (with an annual attendance of close to 20,000). Produced by the Coachella mainstay, Do LaB, Lightning in a Bottle successfully offers traditional music in a transformational setting, creating the perfect introduction for first-timers. Three-dimensional art installations, daily yoga classes, meditation workshops, games, performances, live painting demonstrations and colorful costumes all add to the immersive experience. The multiple stages, designed to resemble flowers, trees and other natural edifices add depth to an eclectic selection of world and electronic music. Lightning in a Bottle provides free filtered water for reusable containers, runs mostly on biodiesel and solar power, and performs it's own annual green-energy audit to ensure continued improvement. (It has won the Outstanding Greener Festival Award for three years in a row.) Just note: Now located in Central California's San Antonio Reservoir and Recreation Area for 2016.

Official website: lightninginabottle.org

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