20 Biggest, Boldest Comebacks of 2014

From Aphex Twin to 'The Walking Dead,' these were the artists, athletes, TV shows and political players who rose from the ashes over the last year

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Tim Burton
Eamonn McCormack/Getty18/20

Tim Burton

Where once he was the promising suburban misfit behind Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands, director Tim Burton had in recent times become a bland purveyor of packaged "imaginative" dreck like Alice in Wonderland and Dark Shadows. But his latest, Big Eyes, is a welcome return of the warmer, more personal Burton, chronicling the unhealthy marriage between 1950s painter Margaret Keane (Amy Adams) and her domineering husband Walter (Christoph Waltz), who tricked the world into thinking that he was the artist in the family. Compassionate toward Margaret while ambivalent about the mass-marketing of art, this warped biopic shows Burton cutting deeper than he has in decades. It would make a great double bill with Ed Wood.

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