20 Biggest, Boldest Comebacks of 2014

From Aphex Twin to 'The Walking Dead,' these were the artists, athletes, TV shows and political players who rose from the ashes over the last year

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In the nine years since The Woods, the members of Sleater-Kinney got busy doing other things. (Corin Tucker started her own band. Janet Weiss drummed for Stephen Malkmus. Carrie Brownstein teamed up with Weiss for Wild Flag and became an alternative-comedy hero thanks to Portlandia.) In some ways, S-K deciding not to reunite fit perfectly with the tough, principled music they made for a decade. But in bigger and more important ways, the news that the trio were getting back together just felt right. Hopefully January's No Cities to Love further burnishes the legacy they celebrated on their new retrospective, Start Together.

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