20 Biggest, Boldest Comebacks of 2014

From Aphex Twin to 'The Walking Dead,' these were the artists, athletes, TV shows and political players who rose from the ashes over the last year

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God in the Movies
Niko Tavernise14/20

God in the Movies

The familiar, inaccurate assertion that Hollywood is filled with nothing but immoral, Godless heathens was proved especially untrue in 2014, which saw the Divine One showing up in plenty of high-profile hits. Forget nonsense low-budget films like Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas: Religious themes dominated works that ranged from period epics (Noah, Exodus: Gods and Kings) to smaller-scale inspirational dramas (God's Not Dead, Heaven Is for Real). The Almighty isn't taking a break next year: Sundance will premiere Last Days in the Desert, which stars Ewan McGregor as — wait for it — Jesus.

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