20 Biggest, Boldest Comebacks of 2014

From Aphex Twin to 'The Walking Dead,' these were the artists, athletes, TV shows and political players who rose from the ashes over the last year

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Dave Chappelle
Mike Coppola/Getty17/20

Dave Chappelle

The excitement that surrounded Dave Chappelle's Radio City Music Hall performances this summer was akin to the news that Pavement had reunited a few years ago: The thing we always fantasized about happening (but secretly knew never would) actually came true. Eight years since walking away from Chappelle's Show, the masterful comic had seemed content to be the J.D. Salinger of stand-up, ducking the public eye and doing whatever he damn well pleased. But in 2014, the Radio City dates confirmed not only that he was still funny but that his premature retirement might not be permanent. "I'll say it like this … I still got some shit on my bucket list," he said recently in GQ.

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