20 Best Lists of 2017

From Trump lies to T-Swift tunes, Johnny Depp's houses to ranking the religions – our favorite lists of the year

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Stuff That Scares Black People, Ranked

Stuff That Scares Black People, Ranked

One of 2017's epochal films, the horror movie Get Out, laid out in scathing, hilarious detail exactly what scares African-Americans – namely, white people. Over at Very Smart Brothas, writer Corey Richardson put together his own sorta tongue-in-cheek list of black fears, including Russians, unescorted dogs and being ashy. We agree with Richardson that "Carol from human resources" sounds like a total nightmare. And we suggest that everybody scroll down the column to check out the reader comments – which, like Richardson's piece, are filled with jokes and legitimate anxieties in equal measure. (Very Smart Brothas)

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