20 Best Lists of 2017

From Trump lies to T-Swift tunes, Johnny Depp's houses to ranking the religions – our favorite lists of the year

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All False Statements Involving Donald Trump
Mark Peterson/Redux19/20

All False Statements Involving Donald Trump

Different publications dutifully tried to keep a running list of every one of Donald Trump's lies. (The New York Times made it to July and then stopped.) So thank the stars for the good folks at PolitiFact, who have long made it their mission to keep politicians honest. Seeing Trump's lies all strung together over several pages is sufficiently galling, which is why it's nice that the site also throws in a pithy little commentary for each untruth. Among our favorite PolitiFact retorts: "Despite repetition, still not true," "Wrong on several levels" and "A lot of fertilizer here." (PolitiFact)

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