15 Times Bill Cosby Was a Huge Hypocrite

Comedian's entire career is full of examples where his public statements stand in stark contrast to his alleged crimes

What's Real?

On a Today Show segment celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Cosby Show, the comedian noted that critics praised white shows like Roseanne and The Simpsons for showing "real" families – leaving the implication that The Cosby Show didn't do the same. The entire Cosby cast has always been vocal about how groundbreaking their work was in bringing a realistic depiction of the black middle class to mainstream America. Indeed, the Huxtables were relatable in many ways, and the situations they faced were, in many instances, realistic. But it's important to note that while Cosby was so committed to bringing a "real" family to the screen, his offscreen life was also real – and, according to his many accusers, it was as deplorable as the Huxtables' lives were honorable.

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