15 Times Bill Cosby Was a Huge Hypocrite

Comedian's entire career is full of examples where his public statements stand in stark contrast to his alleged crimes

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In the intro of this episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Cosby appears in live-action footage as himself and claims, "If you start broadcasting lies, pretty soon, nobody believes anything you say." Given how often he and his lawyers have attempted to defame his accusers and prove that they are lying, that 1970s lesson appears to be one he still holds close.

Bonus: The song featured in this episode, "Don't Go Telling a Lie" boasts the following spot-on lyrics: "When you think about it, lying doesn't take much skill/But it's kinda like a snowball, rollin' down the hill/It just keeps gettin' bigger and harder to stop/And when it blows up in your face, tell me who comes out on top? Not you!"

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