15 Times Bill Cosby Was a Huge Hypocrite

Comedian's entire career is full of examples where his public statements stand in stark contrast to his alleged crimes

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Cosby Takes on Lisa Bonet

Cosby Takes on Lisa Bonet

The 1987 film Angel Heart marked the first public clash between Cosby Show actress Lisa Bonet and her onscreen dad. In this Ebony magazine cover story, Bill Cosby makes several paternalistic comments about Bonet's decision to appear in the psychological horror flick, including a rather smug dismissal of the film itself, stating that he hadn't seen it because "That film doesn't offer my appetite anything." That same year, to promote the film, Bonet appeared nude on the cover of Interview magazine. When asked his opinion on this (itself a strange and awkward interviewing choice), Cosby said that after he'd heard negative comments from several people about the image, "I just took it nice and easy and then one day I saw it on the newsstand and I bought the magazine. I looked at that picture and I said, 'There's nothing wrong with it.' It wasn't anything gross."

How magnanimous of him to declare that there was "nothing wrong" with Bonet exercising bodily agency. (Bonus squick factor: that cover story is interrupted by an unfortunately placed JC Penney ad. The copy reads, "When you grow up I hope you meet someone just as sweet as your daddy.")

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