12 Best and Worst Things We Saw at CES 2015

From groundbreaking audio gear to a creepy robot servant, these were the things that thrilled us and chilled us at the world's biggest tech trade show

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WORST: Vert Wearable Jump Rate Monitor

WORST: Vert Wearable Jump Rate Monitor

Of all the fitness trackers that collectively spammed this year's CES, this waist-worn device managed to stand out from the crowd. Or jump out, to be more accurate — the $125 Vert gauges the vertical height of a user's leaps, and sends those measurements to a nearby smartphone or tablet. What might be an exciting tool for data-obsessed volleyball and basketball coaches is, for the rest of us, the world's most single-minded fitness tracker, and the first sign that this product category may have quite literally jumped the shark.

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