12 Best and Worst Things We Saw at CES 2015

From groundbreaking audio gear to a creepy robot servant, these were the things that thrilled us and chilled us at the world's biggest tech trade show

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WORST: Future Robot FURo-S

WORST: Future Robot FURo-S

Humans love to describe robots as "creepy," a knee-jerk dismissal that ignores the potential impact of even the most revolutionary systems. The FURo-S, however, is not creepy. It's a damn nightmare. You're less worried about what this five-foot bot will do, which isn't much — it rolls around pretty awkwardly, and the arms holding its integrated 22-inch touchscreen are immobile, sculpted features of its non-articulating body. The problem is that giant-eyed animated face, an unfortunate blend of anime and photorealism that cycles through a spectrum of inappropriate expressions. Worst of all, the robot's face doesn't even try to sync with its speech (the mouth never opens, except to mimic surprise), so it can yammer pleasantries while randomly delivering the most dead-eyed, bowel-loosening wink you've ever witnessed. No word on pricing or availability, which we'll count as a mercy.

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