12 Best and Worst Things We Saw at CES 2015

From groundbreaking audio gear to a creepy robot servant, these were the things that thrilled us and chilled us at the world's biggest tech trade show

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BEST: Sony Symphonic Light

BEST: Sony Symphonic Light

On paper, Sony's Symphonic Light sounds like a gimmick wrapped in a doodad. But this combined LED light and built-in speaker is easily one of the most beautiful products at CES, and proof of what Sony is capable of when it takes its designers off the leash. The light’s vertical-firing speaker tech sends audio into the glass, and then outward to fill your living space. Of the two models planned, the ceiling-mounted pendant sounded better during a demonstration, particularly when grouped in a cluster of synched light-speakers. Sony won't say when it will be released, or for how much, but the company insists that the Symphonic Light isn't a PR stunt — it's a real product.

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