12 Best and Worst Things We Saw at CES 2015

From groundbreaking audio gear to a creepy robot servant, these were the things that thrilled us and chilled us at the world's biggest tech trade show

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BEST: Sharp Beyond 4K TV

BEST: Sharp Beyond 4K TV

While other manufacturers are still trying to sell the buying public on 4K TVs —models with quadruple the resolution of HD — Sharp has already moved on to brighter, and more detailed pastures. The company's 80-inch Beyond 4K TV is true to its name, using a smart bit of image display sleight of hand to divide standard pixels into subpixels, which bumps up the effective resolution. The effect is astonishing, making hyper-detailed 4K video even more lifelike, and giving some scenes a sense of depth that approaches 3D. The Beyond 4K hasn't been priced, but it will be available later this year.

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