12 Best and Worst Things We Saw at CES 2015

From groundbreaking audio gear to a creepy robot servant, these were the things that thrilled us and chilled us at the world's biggest tech trade show

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BEST: Devialet Phantom

BEST: Devialet Phantom

Looking more like a starship's escape pod than high-end audio gear, this Bluetooth speaker has the clean, distortion-free output of a model 10 times its size. Its "imposive heart bass" design, which the French company says is inspired by ventricles in the human heart, generates outsize low-end by building up enormous pressure inside its compact frame. And this isn't mere marketing-speak. Whenever the bass kicks in, the vibrating panels on either side of the speaker extrude to an alarming, and completely awesome extent. The Phantom will be available in the U.S. this summer for $2000 to $2400.

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