10 NFL Teams (and Two Sad Sagas) to Watch in 2012

The Sad Saga of Chad
J. Meric/Getty Images; Jay Biggerstaff/TUSP/Getty Images11/11

11. The Sad Saga of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Terrell Owens

Loudmouth wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson once penned an autobiography (after his NFL rookie season, no less) called Just Give Me the Damn Ball. Undoubtedly, two similar prima donnas, Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Terrell Owens, share the sentiment. But unlike Keyshawn, Chad and Terrell never backed up the bluster with a Super Bowl victory. Although there's no denying the once-great talent of both, each has displayed abysmal behavior of late – Johnson arrested on a charge of domestic battery and Owens appearing on an episode of Dr. Phil, in which three of the four mothers of his children accused him of skimping on child support. Will this dynamic duo (who somehow coexisted, however briefly, on the same team, the 2010 Cincinnati Bengals) catch on with other teams, or will they see their careers finally flame out? Children, please look elsewhere for role models.