10 Comedians You Need to Know

From 'Saturday Night Live' writers to scathing new stand-up routines, here are the funny people who are changing the way comedy works

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Tim Dillon
Mindy Tucker5/10

Tim Dillon

Tim Dillon could be a fictional character from a comic novel: He's a conservative-leaning gay man from Long Island who knows the average citizen might describe his aesthetic as "retired detective." In fact, Dillon's blustery, outspoken act is as titillating as his bio. He's seemingly capable of formulating an articulate (and often contrarian) opinion about anything at a moment's notice. In an on-camera segment giving off-the-cuff advice to Chris Gethard Show interns, he told them to forget individuality, abstain from voting, marry for money and work jobs they hated: "Controversial philosophies have always relied on very likable guys like myself. I'm a salesman… [Charles] Manson: bad guy, good salesman." This is part of the reason why he's made the rounds in podcasts that require thoughtful, provocative improvisers, including Robert Kelly's You Know What Dude? and Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank. While Dillon thrives in cynicism, it isn't all bracing: He's also happy to dish about his love for Haagen Dazs on shows such as Gotham Comedy Live.

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