10 Comedians You Need to Know

From 'Saturday Night Live' writers to scathing new stand-up routines, here are the funny people who are changing the way comedy works

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Jo Firestone

Jo Firestone

One of the most whimsical, wooliest and most prolific comedy minds on the East coast, Firestone is an ingratiating presence with a penchant for creating brand-new shows at the drop of a hat. Like her friend and former employer Chris Gethard (of The Chris Gethard Show), Firestone embraces awkwardness and exhibits a sincerity that ingratiates her to audiences big and small. Most recently, her idiosyncratic mind has found a platform on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where she plays bemused, air-headed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and performs in individual segments such as a demonstration of the silliest products from the NYC Toy Fair. While she is surely a great help in creating Fallon's latest party games, she'll doubtless invent another one of her unconventional projects—e.g. her by-proxy dating game Friends of Single People, her annual Inner Beauty Pageant or Punderdome 3000, the pun competition she hosts with her dad—which will be sure to endear and disorient in equal measure.

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