10 Comedians You Need to Know

From 'Saturday Night Live' writers to scathing new stand-up routines, here are the funny people who are changing the way comedy works

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Gina Brillon
Anders Krusberg4/10

Gina Brillon

In an industry constantly on the lookout for the relatable performer with universal likability, it's a surprise that Gina Brillon hasn't blown up yet. This Bronx-born Puerto Rican comic's take on family, work and relationships is smart, perceptive and hits home with comedy club audiences and on Late Night with Seth Meyers, too. Her subjects include the maddening echo chamber she feels inherent in the female mind, what it's like to have a twin with low self-esteem and her wish to rid the world of the term 'cougar': "If you're an older woman dating a younger guy, good for you. If you can't find a good man, raise one." 

Brillon's presence is both comfortable and comforting: She could be a daughter, a cousin or a neighbor chatting about the everyday challenges of catcalls and guys who want her to sound like Rosie Perez. Thankfully, as she's made her way through the club system, she's also made a few important friends. Gabriel Iglesias has included her in projects such as his Stand-Up Revolution and produced her debut, Pacifically Speaking. And though her Kevin James-backed CBS sitcom didn't get picked up, it's only a matter of time before either her comedy or some scripted project breaks her to a wider audience.

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