10 Comedians You Need to Know

From 'Saturday Night Live' writers to scathing new stand-up routines, here are the funny people who are changing the way comedy works

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Ahmed Bharoocha
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Ahmed Bharoocha

The L.A.-based stand-up and sketch comedian Ahmed Bharoocha doesn't want audiences to dwell on the negative. Even when considering issues like culture clash or religious hypocrisy, he delivers his material with a light touch and always throws in a good dose of absurdity. In an extended bit on his album Almond Badoody, Bharoocha compares God to a young, immature parent, and talks about God's obsessive period: "Tell your friends about me. Tell your friends about dad. Tell 'em to come to dad's house. Tell 'em I'm a fun dad. I'm the only dad. Thou shalt only have one dad!" Recent sets on outlets such as Conan let his audiences hear intricate and incredibly well-constructed jokes like this one as well as quick hits about crows' lackluster parenting skills. He's also a part of the happily juvenile sketch trio Dead Kevin, a partnership that highlights his playful theatricality onstage; his ability to recreate the myriad settings of ceiling fans is just one indication that he thrives in aspects of performance that many stand-ups gloss over.

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