10 Best Video Games of 2013

Say goodbye to your PS3 and Xbox 360 and hello to the greatest titles of the year

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'Grand Theft Auto V'
Courtesy of Rockstar Games10/10

'Grand Theft Auto V'

Sadly overshadowing the sexy single-player experience, GTA V's multiplayer problems threw a shadow over what should honestly be considered one of the greatest games of all time, never mind the year. Despite microtransactions and a dearth of dollars online, the offline experience has never been better. By combining GTA IV's serious storyline and the insane style and massively detailed worlds of prior entries, Rockstar managed to bring the series back to its unconventional roots without treading into the purely farcical realm that Saint's Row has taken over. For its sheer unmatched scope, V is an unbelievable hit in a series that's never missed.