10 Best Things We Saw and Heard at New York Comic Con

Cosplay all-stars, 'Walking Dead' cast members, the original Karate Kid — here are the highlights of this year's premier east-coast geekathon

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Cary Elwes on 'The Princess Bride'
Mireya Acierto10/10

Cary Elwes on 'The Princess Bride'

The Dread Pirate Roberts himself showed up on Sunday to talk about his behind-the-scenes book, called — what else? — As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of the Princess Bride. Elwes was every bit as sweet and hammy as you'd hope he'd be from your childhood Westley crush. He told on-set tales about André the Giant being a total sweetheart ("He'd give you the shirt off his back! It'd be enough for five people.…") and farting so loudly during filming that "some of the crew thought there was an earthquake." Elwes also did impressions of everyone from Rob Reiner to Fat Albert, talked about sword fighting with a broken toe, and gave a hug to a woman in the Q&A line who had a brain tumor. Awww.