10 Best Things We Saw and Heard at New York Comic Con

Cosplay all-stars, 'Walking Dead' cast members, the original Karate Kid — here are the highlights of this year's premier east-coast geekathon

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'Broad City' Live Commentary
Lane Savage2/10

'Broad City' Live Commentary

Comedy Central's anarchic Brooklyn-lady comedy isn't the most obvious subject for a Comic Con pane— no dragons, robots or zombies involved — but this turned out to be one of the weekend's most fun sessions. Writer-stars Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer boogied their way into the room to Missy Elliott's "Work It," which most definitely set a tone. From there, they fielded questions about their dream guest stars (Lucille Ball and Idris Elba) and how much of the real Abbi and Ilana show up in Broad City Abbi and Ilana ("It's, like, 15 percent of ourselves blown up to the full 100 percent," said Glazer). The duo did live commentary on the Season One episode "Fattest Asses," then aired an unedited clip from next season, which doesn't premiere until January. All we'll say is that it takes place at a Bed, Bath and Beyond, and that Ilana's boy toy Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) may run a pasta blog called "The Al Dente Dentist."

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