10 Best Things We Saw and Heard at New York Comic Con

Cosplay all-stars, 'Walking Dead' cast members, the original Karate Kid — here are the highlights of this year's premier east-coast geekathon

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Adult Swim Resurrects Mike Tyson and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog
Mireya Acierto6/10

Adult Swim Resurrects Mike Tyson and Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog

Two great American antiheroes — crabby canine hand puppet Triumph and face-tattooed heavyweight champ Mike Tyson — are getting a second chance at stardom on cable's most unabashedly absurd network. Triumph (and the man whose arm he's attached to, Robert Smigel) appeared alongside his costar, Jack "Kenneth Parcell" McBrayer, to talk about their new live-action buddy sitcom. Triumph dressed down everyone in sight before Smigel took over, rounding things out with a sweet tribute to his former SNL costar, the recently deceased Jan Hooks. (And yes, Conan fans — Blackwolf the Dragonmaster was on hand, too.) For his part, Mike Tyson stole the show while promoting his upcoming Scooby Doo–esque adventure cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries. He seemed delightfully at home among the Comic Con crowd, complete with trademark off-his-gourd comments. Before being offered the show, he said he'd thought that Adult Swim was a place where "rich white guys go into this exotic lake and become young, like Cocoon."

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