Recode's Kara Swisher, Silicon Valley's Chief Disrupter, Plots Political Move

"If I do this, I'm going to do it my way," co-founder of tech news site (feared by Mark Zuckerberg) says of San Francisco mayoral run

Recode Executive Editor Kara Swisher at the 2017 MAKERS Conference. Credit: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

For two decades, Kara Swisher, the tenacious reporter and columnist who co-founded the influential tech news site Recode, has chronicled the rise of Silicon Valley with an unmatched combination of cynicism and sourcing. Former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer was rumored to be so afraid of her that she hunted down suspected leakers. Mark Zuckerberg sweated so profusely under Swisher's questioning at one tech conference that he had to remove the hoodie. "A lot of these people I cover are babies," Swisher says. "I always call them papier-mâché – they just wilt."

Now, Swisher, 54, wants 
to use her pull in the public sphere: She plans to run for mayor of San Francisco in 2023. Her proposal is to get the techies to contribute more to their city – a place with as much wealth as entrenched homelessness. "I think I'm good at getting them to do things in their interest," she says of the industry's elite. "They have these big ideas about changing the world, but then all the money seems to settle with them." Still, she's not planning to put on a fake smile for anyone. "If I do this, I'm going to do it my way," she says. "I'm just too fucking old. If people don't like it, fine. I have really nice kids. My cat likes me."

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