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Will Chris Bosh Play Basketball Again?

11-time all-star has launched a very public battle with the Miami Heat

Chris Bosh, NBA

Chris Bosh is scheduled to undergo tests to show the Miami Heat he's able to play basketball after doctors found a second blood clot in his leg over the winter.

LM Otero/AP

As the NBA season draws closer, there are some sure bets, like the Golden State Warriors probably destroying everything on their way to winning the championship.

And then there are the uncertainties. 

Can LeBron and the Cavilers actually stand up to a Warriors team with even more power? Will the Knicks be any good if Derrick Rose stays healthy? How will the Spurs be in the post-Tim Duncan era? Will Chris Bosh put on a Miami Heat uniform this season? 

While the Miami Heat aren’t being talked about as one of the teams that could make a run for the crown this season, Bosh, who doctors discovered had a second blood clot in his leg over the winter, wants to play. The Heat, however, aren’t so hot on the idea. So as Jordan Sargent at Deadspin points out, Bosh has upped his PR battle with the team. At first it was interviews and social media, but today, the first episode of “Rebuilt” made its debut on The Uninterrupted, basically a pro-let Bosh play propaganda film showing the two-time champion’s road to recovery. 

Bosh is doing everything in his power to get on the court again. He’s signed up to play with the Heat until becoming a free agent in 2019, when the 11-time all-star would probably rather just walk away from the game he loves on his own terms. And as Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports, Bosh is undergoing tests from the team that he expects will clear him to play under the stipulation that he takes blood thinners. If the team doesn’t let him back on the roster for the season, Bosh will almost certainly “pursue the issue with the NBA Players Association.” 

Here’s hoping it doesn’t come to that. 

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