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Watch Out, Kevin Owens: John Cena Is Bench-Pressing Baby Elephants

WWE’s 15-time champ prepares for ‘Elimination Chamber’ by benching the equivalent of two baby pachyderms. Or one Big Show

John CenaJohn Cena

How many pounds can John Cena bench press? This many.

Jonathan Bachman/AP/WWE/Corbis

Kevin Owens might not agree with this assessment, but John Cena is a really strong dude.

The WWE star/chief proponent of “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect”/Amy Schumer’s second-favorite wrestler has been known to flaunt his otherworldly strength before, yet seeing him push the limits in the weight room never gets old. Take him benching 440 pounds with ease to “#pressoffthehate” as a good example.

It’s not only an impressive feat of strength, but it’s way more interesting than his “I Quit” match with Rusev.

There are many things in the world that clock in at more than 400 pounds, like your average piano or motorcycle. If that doesn’t quench your imagination’s thirst, picture him benching a male lion or two newborn baby elephants – or the Big Show.

And there’s Cena, the 15-time world champion, lifting them one at a time like it’s another day at the office. Not bad for a 38-year-old; now if he could only bench-press the person responsible for designing his merchandise.

Of course, this is Cena’s way of preparing for his bout with Owens at WWE’s Elimination Chamber on Sunday, May 31, where he’ll look to defend his U.S. title against the insurgent NXT champ. And, hey, if things get out of hand, at least Cena knows he can bench press the Canadian upstart – though that probably won’t help his standing with the smarks.

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